The Pro Treatment Lab

            Starting out as an Licensed skin therapist over 8 years ago, I had a difficult time finding my niche in the industry and finding post graduate support. I found myself signing up for training's and seminars only to get there and it's a decoy to push and promote their product. Sure there was the 1-2 hour general skin talk. However, no real training. After several years and countless lessons in the beauty industry I decided it's time to help others. Help other skin therapist's find their niche inside the treatment room, increase client success, and properly treat common skin conditions.  The licensed to treat program is a two part professional program with classroom and treatment room training. Upon enrollment your professional license will be verified. 


Part 1 :

   Class based training where we will work on the following: 

  • Ingredients 101
  • Mastering the art of exfoliation
  • Ethnic skin how to's
  • Hyperpigmentation management
  • Client Rebook flow

 Cost :$299

Part 2:

Inside the treatment room 101: (In person training local)  

           We all learn differently. For most it's best to see and do physically. This one on one time inside the treatment room will allow real time feedback and answers. 

  •  Perfecting the art of exfoliation
  • Advanced Skin analysis
  • Implementing home care success
  • Hyperpigmentation and Acne treatments

Cost: $299

*$149 Deposit required upon enrollment **

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